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Integrated Policy

Integrated Policy

To maximize customer satisfaction, to maintain the level of satisfaction and to work for continuous improvement, to offer the best product and quality to our customers in the developing and growing leather industry,

To act together with all applicable laws and regulations in order to protect the occupational health and safety of all our employees, whom we see as the most valuable resource, to minimize possible occupational accidents and their effects, and to ensure efficiency and quality in work and service production accordingly,

Continuing the training of our employees as an integral part of the ALPAKA LEATHER family in order to ensure the development of our employees and increase our quality day by day, considering that our employees are the most important factor that creates our quality,

To continue to work by always adopting the newer and better ones in the sector, to have an entrepreneurial structure that is open to new projects in the name of self-development and growth,

During all kinds of production and service activities; not to harm the ecological balance, to prevent negative effects on the health of our employees and people who will be affected by our activities,

The basis of our understanding of quality; to transfer the nature and the environment that we have taken over from the past to the future in a livable and livable way, to leave a clean environment to future generations, to avoid actions and actions that will disrupt the balance of nature,

It is OUR POLICY to implement the Quality Management System effectively and to continuously improve compliance with legal regulations, standards and customer requirements.